What Our Members Say

Gail SchurrThe Center is an excellent facility. The staff is outstanding, especially nurse Mary Beth Carlino, and my personal trainer Ryan Lupin. Their care, and the exercise program customized for me after my triple coronary bypass surgery, helped me return to my normal activities.
Gail H. Schurr




Arlene RiccaWhen I joined the Center a few years ago, I never imagined the positive impact it would have on my life. The Center has a non-threatening, congenial atmosphere (no muscle heads). I utilized a personal trainer who started with easier routinesand gradually advanced me to more strenuous sessions. I used exercise equipment at levels I never dreamt I could. I experimented with more difficult Group Fitness classes as a result of the instructors’ talent and encouragement. There are ongoing activities, making it fun to go to the Center. There is something here for everyone. I’ve met so many nice people. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. As a result, I’ve lost inches and feel great.
-Arlene Ricca

I joined the Center because the nursing staff provides peace-of-mind by monitoring my multiple health issues. I also am really impressed with the personal trainers who are accessible, knowledgeable, and spend time with all members. Frequently, I have the on-site nurse check my blood pressure. Once, it was dangerously high and the nurse immediately contacted my cardiologist. I quickly saw my physician and got my medication adjusted. I feel very comfortable and safe exercising at the Center. I am among friends.
-Henry Scolnick

Many people are surprised by what I accomplish at the Center because of my age and physical limitations. I am the first to admit I’m also surprised. If someone would have told me ten years ago I would be able to continue working at my age, with my physical limitations, I would have thought it crazy. My activities at the Center have kept me going years beyond my expectations. If not for them, I likely would have become wheelchair-dependent years ago. The physical and emotional reinforcement I receive at the Center has given me the self-confidence to do things I would otherwise be denied.
-Norma Weinshanker

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis years ago and decided it was time to join an exercise program with supervision. I decided to join the Center based on the affiliation with Robert Wood Johnson Rahway hospital. After seeing the Center’s pool, especially the therapeutic pool, I was sold. Now, I am at the Center at 5:00 a.m. daily. Along with the many health benefits of membership, I made wonderful friends. I faithfully go to my 12-week Nurse Assessment. I lost 22 pounds, dropped two dress sizes, and eliminated my back pain. Although my knees still hurt, the pain is reduced by my aquatics workout.
-Anita Pinto