FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Center

Updated 3.07.22


Safety & Protection

A. Should members and employees wear gloves?

Q. While gloves are optional, we recommend following the CDC guidelines which is to wear gloves when you are cleaning or caring for someone who is sick. It is best for members and employees to concentrate on vigorously washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after workouts rather than wearing gloves throughout the facility. Our staff wears gloves when they are cleaning.

A. How will the policies and procedures be enforced in the Center?

Q. Our staff has been trained to act as “Ambassadors.” They will hold members accountable for all member policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. They help to assist with cleaning throughout the Center. The Ambassadors also correct any member behavior that is in violation of established member policies.


Q. What are the hours of operation in the Center?

A. In order to promote a clean and sanitary facility, we have temporarily modified our operating hours. Our operating hours will be:

  • Monday–Thursday: 5:00am–10:00pm
  • Friday: 5:00am–9:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am–5:00pm

Q. Are the locker rooms open?

A. The locker rooms are open, and available for use. Members are asked to respect the space of other members. Please use a disinfectant wipe before and after occupying a locker. Housekeeping will also be sanitizing the lockers throughout the course of the day.

Q. Are the wet areas in the locker rooms open?

A. The sinks, restrooms, showers, steam room, and sauna are open in the locker rooms. These areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day. 

Q. Will drinking fountains be available?

A. Yes, drinking fountains are open and available for use. Members are encouraged to bring water bottles with them to the Center to stay hydrated throughout their workout. Water bottle fill stations are also available to refill your water bottle as needed.


Group Fitness

Q. Are Group Fitness classes available?

A. Yes. Group Fitness classes are available live in-club, at-home via virtual live-streaming, and on-demand via video streaming. We operate with a modified Group Fitness schedule. As our members continue to return, we will add more of your favorite classes back to the schedule. For our classes with limited space we offer a class reservation system so you can insure your spot before coming to the center. The classes that require a reservation are: BodyPump, Cycling, and aquatics classes. With the removal of spacing restrictions, you are free to attend any other classes on the schedule by just walking into the studio prior to the start of the class. The schedule is posted on the website and Empower M.E., our member portal. See below on how to reserve a spot in BodyPump, cycling or a water class and learn more about virtual and live-streaming classes.

Q. How do I reserve a spot in my favorite class if the participants are limited?

A. BodyPump, Cycling and Aqua classes will require reservations. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be able to book a spot 48 hours in advance. You will simply book through the class schedule on the website or log into Empower M.E. If you find that you cannot attend the class, please cancel within two (2) hours of the class. If you are at the Center and one of those classes is scheduled to begin and is not full, you may join the class with the instructor’s permission. If you cannot participate in person because the class is full, you may choose to participate virtually—more details on virtual programming below.

Q. Can I take more than one class a day?

A. Now that the physical distancing restrictions have been lifted, you may take as many classes as you like.

Q. Will there be any restrictions on studio access?

A. Studios will not be accessible for use in between classes. Studio doors will open 10 minutes before the start of class. Post-class, we request all participants to promptly wipe down their equipment and exit the studio so we can begin our cleaning protocols and studio reset.

Virtual Programming

Q. What is virtual programming, and what services will be available?

A. Virtual programming is an at-home solution that will help you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay engaged with your Center family, all in the comfort of your home. Services available include:

Virtual Group Fitness Classes: We offer a wide variety of Group Fitness class favorites that can be live-streamed and accessed on the Virtual Group Fitness platform, exclusive to members. To participate in virtual programming, you must have an active membership, update your interests in Empower M.E. and must register for the class.

Virtual Personal Training: Using the Zoom platform, your trainer will coach you through a virtual workout utilizing any available equipment or using only your bodyweight. It’s like having an in-person, one-on-one session. For more information, contact Personal Training Manager Alyssa Sutherland at [email protected]

Q. How can I access virtual programming options?

A. You can access the Virtual Group Fitness platform in two (2) ways.

  • Online via our website through the ‘Group Fitness’ button on the homepage navigation or through your browser via this URL: https://vod.gleantap.com/movofit/
  • Or mobile through the Movofit™ App by clicking the ‘VIRTUAL GROUP FITNESS’ tile.

You will be able to view the current class schedule and sign-up for classes through the platform. Once you register for a class, you will receive an invite. View this detailed Instruction Manual all about Virtual Group Fitness, including how to get started, booking a class, and much more.


Q. Will I be able to meet with a trainer to receive a fitness orientation and exercise prescription/plan?

A. Yes. You are able to meet with a trainer to complete your exercise orientation and prescription.

Personal Training & Pilates

Q. Will I be able to purchase and/or use Personal Training sessions?

A. Yes. We offer both in-person and virtual personal training. To provide a safe experience while conducting in-person training, we’ve implemented extra safety protocols for you and your trainer. If you’re still not ready to come into the Center yet or have a condition that prevents you from coming in, consider our virtual training option which is conducted from the comfort of your home. Please, feel free to contact our Personal Training Manager if you would like more information on the benefits of Personal Training and discuss which route is best for your fitness goals and comfort level. You can also purchase training sessions online through the Empower M.E.

Q. Will I be able to purchase and/or use Pilates reformer sessions?

A. Yes, our Pilates reformer training is available. Our Pilates instructors are ready to provide this service while practicing safe physical distancing protocols and safety procedures. Please feel free to contact our Pilates Reformer Coordinator to discuss package options or to schedule a session. You can also purchase sessions online through the Empower M.E.


Q. Are the pools open?

A. Yes, the lap, therapy, and spa pools are open.

As of Monday, July 12, we will no longer require reservations in the Aquatics Center with the following exception and policies:


  1. You must still make a reservation if you would like to take Aquatics Group Fitness class.


  1. When classes are in session in the therapy pool, no additional swimmers will be permitted in the therapy pool. If the class is small, you may ask the attending Lifeguard or Aquatics Manager if you may enter. Please check the Group Fitness schedule.
  2. Swimmers must share their lap lane with one other person if requested by another swimmer.
  3. Please be mindful that all swimmers must continue to maintain physical distancing when on the pool deck and in the pool.

Q. Is Childcare open?
A. Yes. We are following a series of strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols as outlined below. Reservations will be required and can be made via the member portal, Empower M.E.

For adjusted hours of operation please click here.

PPE, Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Good Hand Hygiene

  • Upon entering the Childcare Center, all children must wash their hands or disinfect their hands at the Sanitizing Station.
  • Medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants—which are documented as highly-effective against COVID-19—that sanitize, are complete with fungicides, mildew stat, and virucide are used for the continuous and daily cleaning of the Childcare Center.
  • The Childcare Center is cleaned and disinfected twice daily.
  • Staff and housekeeping spot-clean/disinfect throughout the day.
  • Our staff will limit the use of shared objects. Items that are shared will be cleaned/disinfected between each use by a staff member.
  • Please limit the items sent with your child when utilizing Childcare. If you need to send something with your child to Childcare, please make sure to label ALL items to ensure separation from others.

Contact Tracing & Reporting

  • Members are asked to alert the General Manager, Robert O’Connell at [email protected] if they or their child test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last Center visit. This is a requirement of the public health initiative.
  • Once notified, we will then perform contact tracing with appropriate communication to all potentially exposed persons if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19.

For More Information

Note from Center Management:

We hope you find these FAQ’s helpful. Please check back for regular updates as we continue to receive additional guidance from the state. The health and well-being of our members and employees remain our top priority. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Your continued commitment to your health is so appreciated.

Please stay safe!


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