I began my fitness journey with Maria over four months ago. My goals were to lose weight and reclaim my body—the one I owned two years ago, before I broke my ankle. After that injury, I did physical therapy for three months. Maria helped me understand before I could “run,” I needed to crawl back to joint stabilization, coordination, and awareness of how to move myself in a more coordinated manner. Getting a sense of balance and stability was a challenge. Maria is a persistent, patient coach. She is skilled at detecting how the smallest movement and shift of position can affect stability throughout the body. She has eagle eyes. Her attention to detail helps me achieve maximum benefit from strengthening and balance exercises. Under her direction, I lost 15 inches. More importantly, I gained back the poise and balance I had not had in two years. I no longer have pain and stiff joints when I wake in the morning. Maria knows her craft and practices it each day, with a happy, optimistic disposition. She always made me aware of my progress at achieving my goals. I have the bounce back in my step, no matter how stressful life gets. Thank you, Maria. You gave me back my life.