Janis Raymond

Personal Trainer Tier II

Personal Trainer Janis is results-oriented. She is determined to help members achieve with her “anything it takes” attitude. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Marquette University, her personal training certification from the World Instructor Training Schools, and her CPR/AED certification from the American Red Cross. Previously, Janis spent 30 successful years in the healthcare industry working in management training and system software design capacities.

Janis specializes in weight loss workouts. She combines cardio fitness with strength and conditioning to create comprehensive training programs. Her lifelong commitment to exercise is infectious as she motivates her clients to higher levels of achievement.

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A sports fanatic, Janis enjoys spending free time involved with athletics. She coaches junior high school boys’ basketball, reflective of her own four-year college basketball career. She loves to spend free time creating new workouts for personal use and to benefit her clients.

Through effective training sessions, Janis strives to help her clients achieve clarity of mind and a positive outlook.

Janis’ Success Stories

Kathy R.

Kathy R.

Janis chooses exercises and activities that are appropriate for my age and goals. She knows when to challenge me and knows when to back off if necessary. She changes things up so I don’t get bored. Janis is personable and fun, so I feel motivated to get to the gym to work out.

Jane B.

Jane B.

I am about to reach my 200th one-hour training session with Janis Raymond! When I started working with her, I was 58 years old. As many know, when you hit your 50s, you can’t lose weight with the same ease as done in younger years. Added steps are needed to yield positive results. By working with Janis, I successfully found the correct balance between cardio and weight training to get the results I wanted. Janis helped me achieve a weight I had not seen since I was 25 years old. She helped me focus on problem areas to firm up and trim down. I actually look forward to my workouts with Janis– and one of our standing sessions is at 5:30 am! She always changes up the routine, we laugh a lot, and I get the results I seek.