Suzannah Plant

Personal Training Specialist

For over 10 years, Suzannah has helped her clients improve their health and fitness. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, a Pilates instructor through Balanced Body, and a licensed massage therapist.

Her love for fitness and the human body does not stop there. Suzannah earned advanced certifications in knee injury prevention, and in the ELDOA METHOD for spine and back health. She is a Z Health movement integration specialist utilizing neurological response, and a core specialist through Balanced Body.

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Suzannah’s passion for golf motivated her to obtain the highest level of fitness at the Titleist Performance Institute. She is among the handful of TPI level 3 golf fitness specialists in New Jersey. She also became a certified BodiTrak ground mechanic. From casual weekend golfers to golfing athletes, Suzannah trains her clients to achieve the best body mechanics, strength, and power for their swing. Her experience also translates to rotational sports like tennis, baseball, and softball.

Suzannah can help you achieve myriad fitness goals to be your personal best.

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