Personal Trainer Grace Broccoli

Grace Broccoli

Personal Trainer Tier I

Education & Certifications:
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a specialization in Nutrition from The University of Delaware.

Endurance training, weight management, and functional movement training.

Fun Fact:
I was a competitive cheerleader for seven years.

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Why did you go into Personal Training?
I had a passion for fitness and a great Personal Training experience when I was younger.

Grace’s Success Stories

Barbara F.

Barbara F.

At the urging of my doctor to join a gym and find a Personal Trainer (I had been self-training and injuring myself), I chose RWJ. Grace became my trainer in September, and I have been working with her for several months. At our initial meeting, she asked me what my goals were, evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, and we scheduled our training sessions. Throughout our time together, she was attentive to my form and endurance, and provided modifications and challenges as needed. We had many conversations about health, nutrition, and the how and why of doing particular exercises. If I had a question about any concern, Grace researched options, which we incorporated into the workout. Every session was unique. I was never bored and always looked forward to our appointments. Through her training, I have learned a lot about myself: motivation, persistence, determination, and patience. I am healthier and stronger since we have been working together. I understand the how and why of my exercise routines and can use the equipment without fear. Since working with and learning from Grace, I have experienced NO INJURIES! I highly recommend Grace as a Personal Trainer.

Keith B.

Keith B.

I explained various physical problems, such as arthritis, and we have worked to strengthen those areas. Grace explains why we are doing specific exercises. I have had numerous questions about certain workouts, and she has always had an answer explaining why. I am delighted with the progress, and I credit Grace for that. I want to be able to come into the gym, use equipment to benefit my needs, and have various stretching moves that I can do in the gym or at home,and because of Grace, I believe I am almost at that stage.