Matt Scofield

Personal Trainer Matt strives to bring out the inner athlete in everyone. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Suffolk University, and his personal training certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Matt’s fitness programs focus on accomplishing a variety of goals, from weight loss to muscle building. His coaching experience, with the high school girls volleyball team, sharpened his motivational and athletic training skills. He specializes in sport specific training, particularly for baseball, basketball, volleyball, and golf.

An avid sports fan, Matt’s favorite teams include the New York Yankees, New York Giants, San Antonio Spurs, and New Jersey Devils. He plays baseball, golf, basketball, and tennis. Matt likes learning challenging, new exercises that incorporate an individual’s own body weight.

Above all, Matt loves helping others succeed at achieving goals they never thought possible.

What Matt’s Clients Say:

I always have had a strong desire to stay fit and healthy. Spending time with fitness-minded people keeps me motivated to continue exercising. I enjoy working in the fitness industry, combining my career and personal goals to achieve optimum health for myself and others. I’m thankful to Matt for helping me reach some of my own fitness goals.

-Sara Friedman

I started training with Matt at 64 years old. I was tired, a bit overweight, and had limited flexibility. Within two months, I began to notice improvements in my strength and ability to move more easily. Eighteen months later, the difference in my energy level and mobility is noticeable, even to others and especially to my grandchildren. Great job, Matt! Thanks!

-Helen Murphy

Training with Matt has been a tremendous help. He has worked with me in Aquakinetics class, which has helped my knees and ankles. They feel better, and I have less issues with them. He does a great job. I’m so glad Matt is my trainer!

-Barbara Svachak

Prantik BiswasRecovering from ACL surgery, I was lucky to find such a knowledgeable trainer as Matt. His sessions complemented my physical therapy program and helped me get fitter and stronger than ever. He provides the theory behind each exercise and explains proper gait and breathing techniques, all of which makes for a gratifying workout. Matt is a constant motivator who challenges you just the right amount to maximize your training time. Under Matt, I exceeded my fitness goals and gained knowledge that will go a long way to help me stay fit and healthy. I absolutely recommend Matt as a personal trainer.

-Prantik Biswas

Matt is a very positive, upbeat trainer. He is caring and sensitive to each client’s needs. I have trained with him on land and in water.

-Roselle Hevht

I am 69 years old. I have had multiple sclerosis for 38 years. I asked Matt to help me improve my balance and strength. He did that and more! He was terrific– patient, understanding, and knowledgeable . He even gave me exercises to do at home. I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance. I can do things I never thought possible. I’m looking forward to continuing my program.

-Carol Lack

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